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As a project developer with a solid and structural network, we specialize in the construction, purchase, sale and rental of commercial real estate.

Together with our experienced and energetic team, we look at the possibilities in Belgium for commercial developments that can range from stand-alone shops to inner-city projects to retail parks at the desired retail store locations to industrial estates.

We explore and anticipate this niche market and its possibilities every day. The necessary experience and creativity bring us to the best and most qualitative locations and sites.

For the well-known major brands on the market, we are constantly looking for the most suitable locations for the (re) development of real estate that can be rented or purchase.

Together with our permanent team of architects, who are specialized in designing both commercial and residential real estate, we create the right concept according to the requirements of the retailers. Building plans are always developed in function of the retailer, but also always with an absolute vision of the future in which sustainability is a very important part. All our (commercial) buildings guarantee good visibility, passage and quality at the best locations.

We also like to achieve a pleasant synergy between the public and private sector by developing stylish residential units in combination with shops. We create an experience in which, living, shopping, sports, offices and catering meet. By working together with leading partners we realize added value for the whole neigbor, always respecting the wishes of the municipality and its surroundings.

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