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Building on our experience of more than a century.

We are active in several areas of real estate, including: investing in and developing commercial & residential projects.

In more than 125 years in developing and building over 1500 houses (4th generation) we are now ready to evolve to a next level. Our dream goes BeYonD anything you have experienced till now.

Our Business Concepts


Photo of Rafael Eijssen

Rafael Eijssen


My Souls yearning is to connect, inspire and motivate talented people to build a New Earth. I share all my experience and wisdom with this group of talented people so that we elevate ourselves in building this New Earth within our core values that are in alignment with the Universal Laws.

My aim is to go BeYonD anything we have known till Now. To bring architecture, design and living in a new dimension. This requires a carefully selected team of passionate souls to design and manifest each project. Teamspirit and respect for each member is a core value in the contribution to a unique Build Your Dream project.

Yes, BYD sets a new standard for a new way of living.


Photo of Giliam Eijssen

Giliam Eijssen

Twin son of Rafaël and the fifth generation of our builders family.

My skills are diverse, from finance and economy to looking for new opportunities. I love architecture. I am passionate to do the research in the frontline. What are the most perfect sites that are suitable to the project? And in order to accomplish this, I check the regulations and possibilities for each site very precisely.

At this moment my area is Belgium and I am ready to go abroad.


Photo of Gilles Eijssen

Gilles Eijssen

Twin son of Rafaël and the fifth generation of our builders family.

I love beauty and am so passionate in contributing to our Green Skyline concepts. I am constantly looking for opportunities in the commercial and residential European market with a new focus on Belgian and overseas projects.

To reach our goal I have a strong commitment and focus.


Photo of Jo


As a family member and mother of my twin sons, Gilles & Giliam, it is only natural for me to be part of this creative and inspiring team.

We all share the same dream of creating and building the most beautiful buildings at the greatest locations around the world.

Given my social skills and my sense of styling, the areas I have the most affinity with and experience in are sales, guiding our customers, and helping them decorate the house of their dreams.

Thanks to the continuous communication with our customers and the market in general, we are well aware of their needs. This is how we create projects that fulfill our customers' desires.

Photo of Monique


My Souls mission is to use my strong feminine intuïtion to contain a good balance in Life and in our precious company. That is why my skills are very diverse.

First of all I love art and beauty. This is essential to Build Your Dream...BeYonD.
I am also responsable for marketing, purchase, sales, finance and executive committee. I take care of the internal communication between our talented members of the team by using my skills as a lifecoach.

I look forward to meet you.


Photo of Peter


I have been active in the construction industry since 1989. Thanks to the experience I have gained from being a team leader to becoming a CEO, I know all the ins and outs of the building sector.

My qualities are found in keeping an overview, regardless of the number of different projects, without losing attention to all the individual details.

The major challenge is always to achieve an outstanding quality of work with the entire team. I am passionate about working with people and I enjoy bringing out the best in all the different construction teams on-site.

It is my goal to achieve the highest level of satisfaction from our customers. The smiles of satisfaction of our customers are what drive and motivate us to continually raise our standards.

Photo of Dirk


Dirk is the founder and managing director of Dewitte & Partners S.A., a strategic management and economic advisory firm.

This has been the outcome of his long standing experience as Senior Partner of Deloitte, one of Luxembourg’s most prestigious professional audit firms. Over the past 30 years, Dirk has gained extensive experience advising North American, Russian, Asian and Chinese partners and clientele on the Luxembourg and international markets.

Dirk is also the President and CEO of a private marina in the French Riviera, where he enacts his knowledge of the maritime world and yachting industry, with a strong focus on marine and maritime financial management and structured finance. His expansive experience in this regard also includes the construction of marinas, the management of yacht clubs at an international level, assisting the building-out and developing of operational and financial structures of private marinas, and the funding and commercialisation of marina projects and private marinas.

In addition to the aforementioned roles, Dirk is also Honorary President of the China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (CHINALUX), alongside the Chinese Ambassador to Luxembourg, and Guest Professor of International Tax and Corporate Policy at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium.

Photo of Ingolf


As a child, I was always drawing and fantasizing about how to put the world in a perspective that would strongly connect humanity and nature. This passion became my mission.

My strength is to let my heart speak and to design accordingly. This reflects in creative and organic designs where aspects such as form, color, ecological and sustainable high-end solutions, and lighting of materials blend into unique architecture with holistic influences.

It is important for me to understand what the customer wants and what the specific location requires. It is my challenge to create harmonious and fully customized designs that incorporate all aspects of nature.

Creating a home that our customers can enjoy every part of and create memories in is incredibly rewarding.

Along my life path, I came across a team that is completely in line with my vision. It is a privilege to work with the Green Skyline Group. We make your dreams come true.

For business-proposals or business-opportunities, if you would like to speak to us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Since 1894


The family Eijssen has been active since 1894 in the construction industry for over 4 generations, from father to son. This resulted in a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. The fifth generation just started.

History photo 1

Rafael's great-grandfather.

History photo 2

Rafael's grandfather.

History photo 3

Rafael's father.


" I'm going to make everything around me beautiful!
That will be my life. "

- Rafael Eijssen, founder -

Our Values


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One People - One Planet

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