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Green Skyline Finance is an investment Fund that invests in total projects.

All our projects are accurately selected and subjected to consistent criteria like profitability, location, market demand, current offer, etc. After a reliable and conservative selection the projects will be introduced to one of our investors to give their approval or will be offered as supplement or enlargement of their existing portfolio. Our expertise and focus both are situated in creating and providing goods made to measure in relation to our investors. To diversify our investors portfolio we create a completeness, existing of various segments. For example, we compilate a package consisting of homes for elderly mixed with student residences together with commercial, residential and logistic. We can mix these entities as one pleases.

Through his enhanced and informal network of developers ,owners, companies, real estate agents, banks, investment funds and trusts together with many years of experience, Green Skyline Finance has built a reliable reputation in this area. Thanks to these skills we can easily adapt to unknown oppertunities and future trends in the market. We feel strongly about latter qualifications and strive after a significant yield with prescribed risk.

We ourselves allready notice coming oppertunities with an innovative and advanced look as one of the most captivating of the past two decades.

Green Skyline Projects is part of the Green Skyline Group

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